The Third Space – special offer for businesses on Welbeck Street

London’s premier gym The Third Space has opened a second private members Club on your doorstep!

The Third Space - Fitness - Special Offer for Welbeck Street Businesses

Following a £2 million investment, the new 16,000 square feet Club has been well received in Marylebone, and offers some of the very best exercise facilities and equipment in London, in a challenging and inspiring environment. The Third Space, voted ‘London’s Most State of the Art Fitness Facility 2010′ by the London Lifestyle Awards, now offers two vibrant Clubs where you can get fit or relax in style – enjoying free weights, cardio, spa, ozone pools, yoga, pilates, climbing ropes and more, all set within iconic modern architecture. To see a full list of what the Club offers and to view profiles of our fitness experts and a timetable of studio classes please take a look at our website.

Members of The Welbeck Street Association benefit from a Preferential Joining Fee

The Third Space - Cardio

Until August 31st, to celebrate our arrival on the street, we are pleased to offer our neighbours a reduced joining fee of just £100 when you open membership. You are also eligible for our joining offer of the month. Please enquire for more details.

If you have any further questions regarding The Third Space or would like to arrange a time to view the facilities please contact Adam Richardson on
+44 (0 )20 7042 7333 or Adam.Richardson@thethirdspace.com


Welbeck Street Association next event at La Cucina Caldesi

In January 2011, we are planning for our next event to be Top Left Design’s client La Cucina Caldesi host a cooking course as part of our next Welbeck Street Association event.

Our previous Welbeck Street Association events have been held in restaurants and bars – but this time we wanted to do something a little different!

That’s why we’re going to be networking in style, and inviting you to join us in a cookery class!

The Top Left Design team recently went over to test the facilities out in a fun-filled “Pizza Pizza Pizza” evening with Katie Caldesi.

Cooking With Caldesi

Keren, Tina, Tamlyn, Michael, and Regina popped along to learn how to make authentic Italian pizza – from scratch!

They made pizza and focaccia (flatbread) dough from scratch, preparing a Mediterranean salad, and Pannacotta for desert, while waiting for the dough to rise – a necessary step, and great use of time!

Cooking School

Once the dough was ready, they added tasty toppings to their pizzas, and made twisted breadsticks for some savoury appetisers!
Cooking the pizzas was surprisingly quick, and before too long (the time it took to drink a glass of wine and enjoy the breadsticks), the team was feasting upon the fruits of their labour!

Cooking With Caldesi

The Pannacotta desert was a real treat, and perfectly complimented the main meal – tasting even better being home-made!

Katie Caldesi was an excellent host, and provided not only a detailed tutorial, but also an authentic Italian experience, sprinkling interesting facts into the lesson, along with a dash of humour – great fun was had by all!

So why not come along to our next Welbeck Street Association event, and experience this for yourself? To find out more and register your interest, speak to the Top Left Design team!


Welbeck Street Summer Event – Thursday May 27th 2010

We have been busy planning our next event and this one is going to be even better than the last one. We are organising it at a certain Welbeck Street member’s address. Ok – we may as well tell you.
It will be at the office of Top Left Design – founder members – see here for the invite! .

The event will commence on Thursday, May 27 at 7:30 PM. We are looking forward to some great networking among the people on the street!


Next event – potentially at new location!

We don’t want to say anything concrete – but this just in. As you know, Keren Lerner of Top Left Design and Alex Caplan of Synergy Associates are both co-organisers of the Welbeck Street Events. We have organised 3 so far, and this year we haven’t had one YET. But, we do still intend to keep organising them, and a recent attendee of our LAST event has kindly offered to POSSIBLY host the event at their Welbeck Street offices. If this is the case, it will add a whole new level of professionalism to the event. We will keep you posted!


Our Xmas Event!

Hello again everyone!

We have decided to plan an Xmas event for Welbeck Street businesses on the 15th of December, 2009 – starting at 5:30pm. It seems like the thing to do, everyone else seems to be doing it. We hope we can get the people on the street to come along, and meet some other people on the street. We have used www.anyvite.com to send an invite out to the people on Welbeck Street. It’s an open invite and we would be great if we could get people bringing friends – it will be 108 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2QE – same venue as usual! We hope to see plenty of people there! If you didnt get an invitation, just Get in Touch – email keren@topleftdesign.com to ask for an invitation!


Gathering Momentum

Since the launch of this site (Beta Phase!), we at Top Left Design have helped to arrange the event in August, which was attended by the folks from Dot Econ, Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP and Alex from Synergy Associates, we haven’t set a date for the next one. But we don’t see this as a failure because even though it was a busy couple of months, we made headway into updating the membership database. We are doing it in order of who we have met but are planning an email to go out soon to help with this! We still welcome all Welbeck Street Businesses who may stumble accross this blog to comment, get in touch, or ask for their details to be added. We will keep you posted!


For businesses on and
around Welbeck Street

Welcome to Welbeck Street!

Our next event will be Friday, 14th August, at 5pm.
We will all meet for drinks at 108 Marylebone Lane. Please come and join us!


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From solicitors to medical experts, from website designers to architects, our street includes a wide range of different businesses.

If you are a business on Welbeck Street and are not yet featured this site, then please contact us!

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The official launch of Welbeck Street.org!

Following the success of the first Welbeck Street event on the 17th April, Welbeck Street.org has now been launched. Our exciting new website will allow the businesses community to be a part of the Welbeck directory. Welbeck Street.org also allows companies to keep up to date with the latest news on the street, creating opportunities for connecting businesses together and for advertising, P.R. and communications.


Did you know?

A number of famous people have lived and worked on Welbeck Street, from scientists to highway men! Here are three historically famous people who were once members of the Welbeck Street community.

The notorious 18th century highway man James Mclaine was once a grocer on Welbeck Street and was the inspiration for the character of Macheath in John Gray’s ‘The Beggars Opera’! James Mclaine set himself up as a grocer with the dowry from his wife. He only married her for her money and after three years she was dead and he was bankrupt – so he turned to highway robbery to survive. He famously robbed the MP, Horace Walpole. Mclaine and his partner Punkett were together responsible for around 20 highway robberies in six months! Mclaine was eventually caught and publically hanged at Tyburn on 3rd October 1750.

In 1799, Thomas Young, the English Polymath, established himself as a physician at No. 48, which is now marked with a blue plaque. In his lifetime Thomas Young’s research stretched as Physics, Medicine, Language, Music and even Egyptology! His work has made a significant contribution to modern science and he has been the subject of widespread praise, including from Albert Einstein!

The 19th century poet and sculptor, Thomas Woolner, lived in Welbeck Street. He was a founding member of the Victorian artistic movement the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood and was Professor of Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Art from 1877 to 1879.